PADI Freediver Course
Become A PADI Freediver in Stunning Cork, Ireland

Freediving is about relaxation, discipline and control. If you’ve always wanted to enter the underwater world quietly and on your own terms, then freediving is for you. Taking the PADI Freediver course is your first step toward discovering why freediving is becoming a popular way to explore beneath the waves. At Oceans of Discovery, you will learn to explore a whole new world on one breath under the supervision of a professional Freediving Instructor.

PADI Freediver Course Layout

The PADI Freediver course is divided into three phases which can be done at a very relaxed pace to suit you.

1) Knowledge development - During the knowledge development section, you will learn about freediving principles through independent study with the PADI Freediver Touch. This can all be done from the comfort of home before you join us.

2) Confined water session -The two confined water sessions take place on different evenings, one on the beach & one in the swimming poo/shallow confined water locationl. During these two session, we will learn breath hold techniques as well as static (not moving) and dynamic (swimming horizontally at a shallow depth) apnea. The overall goal is to reach a static breath hold of 90 seconds and cover 25 meters on one breath underwater. But no pressure if it takes you a little longer as everything is done at your pace.

3) Open water sessions - During our open water sessions, we will put everything you have practiced in confined water into action in open water. We will either dive locally from our boat or further afield depending on sea conditions. Both sessions are done over one full day and we will practice free immersion (descending using the line) and constant weight (descending using only fin kicks) techniques, plus proper buddy procedures. Your goal will be to complete a constant weight freedive of 10-16 meters, but again your comfort is key so all at your own pace.

What You Need To Know
Who can take the the Course?
Anyone aged 15+ can enroll in the Freediver course. You need adequate swimming skills and need to be in good physical health. No prior experience is required. Please note you will have to satisfy a standard PADI Medical form to take part.
How long will the course take?
The course can be completed either part time over 3 days OR full time over 2 days
Option 1 (Thr - Sat) - Two late weekday evenings (17:30) and one full Saturday.
Option 2 (Sat & Sun) - Two full weekend days.
What is included?
All freediving equipment, safety equipment and insurance are provided, with instruction from one of our experienced PADI Instructors. Price includes PADI materials and all related fees.
How much will it cost?
The price is €330 per person.

Where will the dives take place?
Confined Water Sessions (Start of Course)
NMCI deep water pool, Ringaskiddy OR shallow confined water sites in Myrtleville, Fountainstown or Roberts Cove

Open Water Sessions (Final Full Day)
Will be done from our boat in the Fountainstown/Myrtleville area OR in West Cork if conditions are not suitable.

*Please note dates and times may be subject to change due to conditions

2023 Course Dates
(more to be added)

Mon 29th - Wed 31st (2 eve / 1 full day)

Thr 8th - Sat 10th (2 eve / 1 full day)
Thr 22nd - Sat 24th (2 eve / 1 full day)

Thr 6th - Sat 8th (2 eve / 1 full day)
Sat 1st & Sun 2nd (full weekend)
Thr 20th - Sat 22nd (2 eve / 1 full day)
Sat 15th & Sun 16th (full weekend)

Thr 17th - Sat 19th (2 eve / 1 full day)
Thr 31st Aug- Sat 2nd Sept (2 eve / 1 full day)
Sat 9th Sept & Sun 10th Sept (full weekend)