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Are you ready to become a fully qualified SCUBA Diver?

Have you ever wondered about the world that lies beneath the waves? Well, this is where it starts. Become a PADI Open Water Diver and experience a unique adventure you will never forget! 


The PADI Open Water Diver course is the world’s most popular Scuba course and has introduced millions of people to our amazing underwater world. In only a few days or weeks you can gain your worldwide recognized certification to 18 meters. Take the plunge and become a part of our worldwide community!

The Open Water course is divided into three different modules. These modules are;  five academic sessions (can be done remotely through the PADI e-Learning platform), five confined water sessions (skills practice), and finally four open water dives in the ocean to put everything you learnt into practice. 


The five confined water sessions will teach you and allow you to practice all the skills needed for diving in deeper water. You learn first in shallow water to build up your confidence and knowledge then move into deeper water to practice the skills again.


Our experienced instructor will know when you’re ready to take your four open water dives, which will allow you to experience the stunning underwater world Cork has to offer. You will see many new creatures of every description, this course really is an eye-opener to the variety of life living beneath the waves.


Once you complete the final theory session you will be issued your license which enables you to dive to a depth of 18 meters with a certified buddy anywhere in the world!

We adapt the pace of the class to meet individual needs. Sometimes people need more time to get comfortable, in that case, your course might be slightly longer, with more shallow practice before you move into deeper water. We have the time if you need it and are not in a rush to get you through the course, but rather try to be flexible with the course to suit your needs.

PADI Open Water Course


Deposit for Open Water Course


What You Need To Know

Who can take the course?

Ages 10+ (ages 10-14 will receive Junior Open Water qualification)

How long will the course take?

Where will dives take place?

Confined dives will take place in the sheltered bay of Roberts Cove, Co.Cork or Myrtleville beach depending on conditions. Open water dives will be held in one of the beautiful dive spots the area has to offer.

How much will it cost?

The PADI Open Water course costs €590 in total. The cost is broken down as follows;

  • €150 - PADI fees & access to PADI eLearning material.

  • €440 -  Diving section of course.

The full amount can be paid online or in person. Instalment option also available, with an initial deposit of €150 required to reserve your place. 

What is included?

The course can be completed over 3 consecutive weekends or full time in as little as 4 full days. Please see the calendar below for upcoming courses.

Option 1 (Part-time!)

  • The course is run over five days, with 'after work' dives on the Fridays and three full weekend days of diving. Start and finish times on weekends may vary so make sure you have no commitments!

  • We will complete the five confined dives over the first three days, with the four Open Water dives completed over one full weekend (Saturday & Sunday).

Option 2 (Full time!)

  • The course runs over 4 consecutive days during the summer months.

  • We are flexible, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

All dive equipment supplied so all you need bring is a swimsuit & towel. All safety equipment and insurance are provided, with instruction from an experienced qualified PADI Instructor. Price includes all PADI fees and access to the e-Learning site.


Please note minimum course numbers apply with schedules subject to change according to conditions

May Open Water Courses

September Open Water Courses

June Open Water Courses

July Open Water Courses

August Open Water Courses

Fri 15th - Evening

Sun 17th - Full Day

Fri 22nd - Evening

Sat 30th - Full Day

Sun 31st - Full Day

Fri 19th - Evening

Sun 21st - Full Day

Fri 26th - Evening

Sat 27th - Full Day

Sun 28th - Full Day

Fri 10th - Evening

Sun 12th - Full Day

Fri 24th - Evening

Sat 25th - Full Day

Sun 26th - Full Day

Fri 14th - Evening

Sun 16th - Full Day

Fri 21st - Evening

Sat 22nd - Full Day

Sun 23rd - Full Day

Fri 11th - Evening

Sun 13th - Full Day

Fri 18th - Evening

Sat 19th - Full Day

Sun 20th - Full Day


Roberts Cove, Co.Cork

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