Discovering Diving in Ireland Thanks To COVID-19!

Discovering Diving in Ireland Thanks To COVID-19!

Despite a very uncertain start to the season with COVID-19 trying to spoil the party, we were delighted to be able to showcase all that diving in Ireland has to offer to our fellow staycationers this summer! Here is a quick roundup of how the summer (which is a distant memory now!) went for the Oceans of Discovery family!

Giving Scuba Diving in Ireland a Go!

Our Divemaster Ferg headed up the Discover Scuba Diving experiences for the season and despite him having a few minor issues (a very questionable mullet hairstyle, far too much delicious pizza in the Roberts Cove Inn Restaurant, his t-shirt going missing on numerous occasions. . . the list goes on!) himself and the rest of us took huge joy in giving people from all age groups & backgrounds their first experience of the underwater world!

We became a popular staycation option for people from Cork and from 'Not-Cork' alike! Smiles were the name of the game, with kids as young as 10 joining us for their first ever dive in the sheltered and stunning bay of Roberts Cove.

Becoming a PADI Open Water Diver in Ireland

After working as a dive professional and marine biologist in locations across the world, it is definitely my belief that learning to dive at home makes you a much better diver. Learning to dive in Ireland is sometimes overlooked in favour of more tropical locations, with a beach bar (stocking both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages!) & suitcase full of factor 50 (eco-friendly of course to protect the reefs!). This summer however many people discovered the advantages of learning to dive at home in Ireland.

Diving Into Our New Pool!

The arrival of our dive pool at the end of the summer was a huge addition. This was particularly apparent when we finished off the last confined water dive (skills practice in the shallows) with Damien, Chris and James at the end of August with the remnants of Storm Ellen raging out at sea! It was a pleasure to instruct the class of 2020 and guide them to becoming fully qualified PADI Open Water divers right here in Cork.