Learn To Dive In Ireland - 5 of the Benefits!

With COVID-19 taking center stage over the 2020 season, those with a sense of adventure discovered a whole new world right on their doorstep! Here are 5 benefits of learning to dive in Ireland;

  • More confidence- Cold water diving can offer more challenges to student divers with regards to equipment (thicker wetsuits & more weights) and conditions than warmer locations! As a result, people who learn to dive in Ireland tend to be are more adaptable and confident after completing their training here.

  • No Rush-When learning to dive at home, you can choose to spread training out over a longer period of time. This reduces the risk of getting overloaded and means you aren't trying to cram all your training into your short holiday.

  • Amazing Diving-Ireland's rugged and diverse coastline makes for some of the world's best un-spoiled dive sites.

  • Available for all ages-Never has diving in Ireland been so accessible to people of all ages, our recent status as a PADI Approved Training Centre reflects this and it is great to see diving becoming more popular with young people throughout the country.

  • Local-It's on your doorstep!

As anyone who has completed the PADI Open Water course will tell you, training can be demanding at times but the feeling of achievement at the end is huge no matter who you are!

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