try freediving
Discover Freediving In Half a Day
A fun group day out!

Freediving is fast becoming one of the most popular sports worldwide. It takes relaxation & exploration to a whole new level on one single breath. Freediving is for people from all walks of life, so why not let go and join us on the adventure.

Our Try Freediving experience is run over 3½ - 4 hours and is specially designed for those wanting to give Freediving a go without the time commitment of enrolling in our three day PADI Freediver Course. During your experience, you will learn all about the world of freediving, different techniques used and get to put it all into practice for yourself on an unforgettable day out. If you do wish to become a certified PADI Freediver after the experience, this will count towards your qualification.

Course Layout

Our fun and flexible 4 hour experience is laid out as follows;

1) Learn About Freediving- We start with a light theory session where you will learn all about the world of freediving. We will dive into various aspects of safety, breathing and relaxation. You will also be introduced to the different gear you will be using and shown the different freediving disciplines and techniques you will be practicing.

2) Static Breath Hold Practice- The key to Freediving is finding out what relaxation technique works for you. During our static breath hold practice, we will combine relaxation with static apnea. You will be truly amazed at the progress that can be made in a short space of time. This will set you up for the final part of the experience.

3) Confined Water Dives - Next we will head out to slightly deeper water (maximum 5 meters) and practice freediving using both Free Emersion (pulling up and down the line using just hands) and Constant weight (using just fin kicks) techniques.

The benefits of learning to freedive are immense and may also hugely benefit snorkelers, sea swimmers, Scuba Divers, surfers and anybody who spends time in the water.

What You Need To Know
Who can take the the Course?
This experience is open to anyone aged 13+ Our Discover freediving course starts with a medical questionnaire and you need to be in good health and have adequate swimming skills.
What is included?
All Freedive equipment is supplied so all you need to bring is a swimsuit & towel. All safety equipment and insurance are provided, with instruction from an experienced PADI Freediving Instructor.
How long will the experience take?
Our Discover Freediving experiences are approximately 3½ - 4 hours from start to finish, with a degree of flexibility required. We run scheduled weekly experiences (after work & on weekends) and private group experiences. Please see schedule below.
How much will it cost?
The price is €100 per person and you can purchase your voucher below and get in touch to organise a time and date that suits. Group sizes are kept small.
Where will the dives take place?
Our Try Freediving experiences run from Fountainstown beach (approx. 30 min drive from Cork City). We take a short boat ride to Ringabella where activities take place both on the beach and from the boat.
Weekly Scheduled Experiences
(from 30th May onwards)

Tuesday (17:30)
Sunday (10:00)

* If you have a group of two or more people, we can run experiences outside of these times, please get in touch to organise your adventure