Oceans of Discovery

Embark on an extraordinary adventure at Oceans of Discovery, situated on the awe-inspiring South coast of Ireland's picturesque Cork coastline. Dive in and join us on our immensely popular Freediving courses and half day experiences that beckon to adventurers of all ages and backgrounds. Discover the tranquility of exploring the underwater realm like never before—it's an absolute must! Furthermore, We offer interactive First Aid training for schools and private groups. Our programs provide comprehensive knowledge and skills to effectively respond to emergencies.

Learn to Freedive with PADI
In the underwater world, it’s easy to detach from the stressors of everyday life. Factor in the calm and relaxed state of mind induced by Freediving and you have the perfect recipe for mental clarity! Freediving is also the purest and most natural form of diving. When we enter the water on their terms, the animals respond by allowing us an unparalleled level of interaction. Once you learn to Freedive you will never look back, so why not join us today!