John Neville, 5* (16/08/2019)

"Dave is a great instructor, with an excellent handle on his craft. I sent my daughter on a refresher dive course with Dave and she really enjoyed the four Day’s. The dive locations for the deep water, while being a bit off the beaten track, are well worth the travel. Five stars Dave!

Robert Morris, 5*  (09/08/2019)

"My son took part in the 2 day Kids camp this August. He had a fantastic time, loved all the activities in and out of the water. The leaders were excellent and really added to his enjoyment of the camp. We'll be going back next year, along with his sister as she will be old enough. Highly recommended,


Jolanta Bedkowska Morrissey, 5*  (07/08/2019)

"Hi thanks so much for having Luke at the camp . He had great time and can’t wait do do it again 5* but I would give 10 if that would be possible.."

Dee O'Dwyer, 5*  (25/07/2019)

"Adam really enjoyed the last two day with you. He enjoy every single minute of it.He learnt a lot and he would go back again. Thanks for a great two days."

Donna Gilleece, 5* (08/07/2019)

"My 3 kids had a fabulous morning learning how to scuba dive with the very knowledgeable Dave Quinlan- a super fun time which has them now hooked."

Andrew Monaghan, 5* (06/07/2019)

"Excellent diving school. Dave was friendly, good humored and very thorough in his instruction. Robert's cove is a beautiful spot."

Luke Deasy, 5*  (20/04/2019)

"Dave is brilliant, I hadn't dived in 18 months and managed to catch the last dive of 2018 with him. He put me at easy, ran me through things and had me going in a matter of minutes. Very knowledgeable of the area and planned the dive well, keeping check on me throughout the dive. Happy to recommend and eager for the season to start again so I can go out with Oceans of Discovery lots more times."

Jane Kelleher,  5*  (18/03/2019)

I cannot recommend Dave highly enough! I was apprehensive as to what lay beneath the murky Irish ocean surface, but I LOVED this course. Even after tears I have to say this was one of the best things I have ever done, and Dave never judged my silly tantrums. I always felt safe and that I had the knowledge to deal with anything that arose under the surface. I completed the open diving course last year and intend on joining Oceans of Discovery for some more training in the Summer of 2019. It's a shame I'm not a better story teller so I could write the review that Dave deserves.

Brian McCarthy, 5*  (15/02/2019)

"WI had qualified as a PADI open water diver last year but needed a refresher course to brush up on my skills. I was able to book this course easily with Dave of Oceans of Discovery. I had a brilliant early evening dive at Roberts Cove where I was able to select the skills I wanted to work on and fine tune my buoyancy. Visibility was excellent and Dave was brilliant in pointing out sea life as we swam. I was able to get up close with crabs and a dogfish 😀 Dave was super helpful throughout, helping sort my equipment, talking though the dive plan and offering helpful tips and advice. I really learnt a lot whilst also having great fun during a super interesting dive. I can't recommend Dave and Oceans of Discovery highly enough."

Keith Murphy, 5*  (04/02/2019)

"Unreal cant wait for the good weather loved every bit of it. Dave is a gent"

Orla Barry, Holy Cross Primary School, Mahon, Cork.  (09/10/2018)

"We enjoyed an interactive and informative First Aid Presentation by Dave. He concentrated on CPR, choking and the use of a defibrillator as was requested. The staff enjoyed the session and felt they would definitely feel competent to use the defibrillator from now on if the need arose. Dave was very engaging and has great interpersonal skills.

Barry Reid, 5* (10/07/2018)

"Excellent morning under water. Dave is a great craic and very professional. Would recommend it to anyone. Hoping to book another dive when I get a chance." 

James Kelleher, 5* (10/07/2018)

"First time scuba diving. Dave was a great instructor and was very helpful getting me ready. Dive was fantastic fun and saw so much sea life. Really recommend it."

Lindsey Chew, 5* (10/06/2018)

"I had a FANTASTIC time diving with Dave! It was my first open water dive in the ocean after getting my certification last month. I felt confident in his expertise, the whole set-up was very safe and convenient, his equipment is high quality, and it was really everything that you could want in a logging a great dive. We saw giant spider crabs and a few little sharks down below. Dave was easy to talk to and just an overall wonderful guide in the water. While I don’t know that a lot of people’s minds jump to scuba diving while in Ireland, I would HIGHLY recommend it, and this experience was well worth the trek out to Crosshaven!"

Natasha, 5* (09/06/2018)

"David is really friendly and he makes sure that you are in your safe zone, he will make adjustments if you are not comfortable doing something or going far. He just gets it. I would recommend this activity to anyone really, it's very flexible."

John, 5* (03/06/2018)

"Had a great time getting to grips with scuba diving this weekend - Dave was a fantastic instructor; knowledgeable, fun and most importantly, for someone who can't swim very well, patient! �"

Mary Lucey, 5* (21/05/2018)

"Fantastic adventure, Dave was extremely experienced and made everyone feel confident in their ability to handle the challenge of scuba diving. We got to see incredible sights and I want to do it again as soon as possible!"

Sonja, 5* (07/05/2018)

"Fantastic adventure, Dave was extremely experienced and made everyone feel confident in their ability to handle the challenge of scuba diving. We got to see incredible sights and I want to do it again as soon as possible!"

Carmel Hayes, 5* (10/09/2017)

"Brilliant day. Dave was a great instructor. Very patient. Will be back"

Mark O'Leary, 5* (26/08/2017)

"Like everyone else Scuba diving is one of those things everyone wishes they could/should do. So like many others, I did my first scuba dive. Dave's expertise, knowledge and friendly attitude made this experience great. You would be surprised by the amount of marine life in the area. After finding a golf ball on the seabed, Dave and I played a game of sea golf so I guess I've managed to knock 2 things off my bucket list. This was a great experience and would highly recommend oceans of discovery as your starting point into the world of scuba diving"

Ma Jackson, 5* (06/08/2017)

"Had my first contained dive experience last week and it was an absolutely fantastic afternoon, Dave's expertise, guidance and knowledge put me at ease, it was wonderful to get under the water where there's an amazing new world to discover, would highly recommend this to anyone looking for new adventures, super location :)"

Fergal Conway, 5* (29/07/2017)

"Great bonding day out with the boys. Would recommend to everyone ��. Very attractive instructor also �"

Patrick Quinlan, 5* (17/07/2017)

"After years of the fear bout what the world was like under the water, i took the plunge with my brother dave and it was out of this world, cant wait for another adventure!"

Kyran Smyth, 5* (09/07/2017)

"Great dive really enjoyed it would highly recommend it will be back again"

Francis Reddin, 5* (01/07/2017)

"I got the best dive of my life honestly I mean I was skeptical about the wetsuits but it was the best tip ever! Haha seriously though use these guys for your dive"

Brian Cotter, 5* (30/06/2017)

"Well worth a visit! Fantastic trip with these guys!"


Roberts Cove, Co.Cork

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